The Recruitment Unconference

Join us for the 3rd #TruZurich on 12 June 2015 at Karl der Grosse in the old town. We will spend a day full of passionate and challenging discussions.

TruZurich Logo 12 June 2015Why attend?

Do you want to know more about the innovations and best practices in the HR & Recruitment industry and find the answers to your questions of interest? How about meeting the bright minds of HR & Recruitment in Switzerland and all over Europe and having open group discussions with them instead of listening to long speeches and looking at the figures in the screen? We welcome you to express your opinion about the topics and engage in the discussions with other industry professionals.

What is a Recruiting Unconference?

Bill Boorman the Unconference (Dis)Organizer

Bill Boorman (Feb 2015)

#TRU is a series of pure unconferences organised worldwide, where the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences, (dis)organized by Bill Boorman.

#TRU unconferences were founded in November 2009 by Bill Boorman (UK) and Geoff Webb (Canada) and have since taken place several hundreds of times on 5 continents.

#TRU is based on the unconference or barcamp principle, this means that everybody can be an active participant instead of listening to speakers and watching presentations all day. The emphasis is on communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences where the participants fuel the conversations.

Watch this video to get an idea what unconferences are all about.

Who will benefit from this event?

Participants come from the people space globally, usually in the field of Recruiting (both corporate and third-party recruiters), Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Branding, Social Media, Technology Developers and Vendors.

How does it work?

The format of a #TRU unconference is to run a minimum of 2 tracks running at the same time, so you can choose which discussion to take part in. The tracks are started by a track leader who has some experience of the discussion topic. The role of the track leader is to start the conversation and let the conversation evolve wherever it goes. Participants are actively encouraged to move between tracks according to what they need individually.

The rules

  1. No PowerPoint because we want the eyes to meet in the middle and everyone to have the floor.
  2. No presentations because the best knowledge is in the room by bringing together participants from all kinds of backgrounds with a shared interest.
  3. No pitching because people will buy from you if they respect what you say, not what you pitch.
  4. No name badges because we believe that if you don’t know who someone is you should simply introduce yourself.
  5. No dress code because we want you to feel comfortable and focus on the conversations.

What can you expect?

This video from #TruLondon in February 2012 should give you a good idea. Also, check out this video coverage.

Who leads the Tracks?

#tru sessions are lead by track leaders, who are usually thought leaders in the HR & Recruiting industry. They start the conversation and let the discussion evolve to whichever direction it goes. The attendees are active participants and get to contribute to the flow of the unconference. Let us know if you wish to join and lead a discussion on a topic you are passionate about!

What will be discussed?

Have you noticed that the only thing that stays static in Recruiting is a constant change and evolution? Well, we have, and we are trying to not only keep up with the changes, but also to contribute to them.

Tracks that have been held at previous events include:

Twitter Success Stories, Campus To Career, Social Footprints, Fighting The Dragon of Social Recruiting ROI, Technology Futures , Going Mobile – Successful Apps, The Social Recruiter, Case Studies (The Hard Rock Firenze Story – Hiring 120 Staff in 4 weeks, #TruOracle), Branding Inside Out, Community or J.I.T., The Real Cost Of Engagement, Moving To The Clouds, Spectacular SEO, Managing Talent, Recruiting Technology, Candidate Experiences (from Job Seekers), Boolean Strings And Facebook, Referral Recruiting, Expose Yourself, Future Job Board, LinkingIn, The Rejection Business, Compelling Content, Every Picture Tells A Story, Graduate Employer Brand, Kool New Tools, Secret Sourcing, Games And The Dutch Army, Video Story, Recruiting 3.0, Job board vs. Social?, Video interview in the recruitment process?, Transformational Talent, Is Social Media changing the Face of Recruitment?, TruGrads, Antisocial, My Dream Recruitment tool, Facebook Recruiting: Fact or Fiction?, Job board vs.Social, What recruiters can learn from marketing, Swarming- the new way of connecting and sharing expertise, Interviewing. Make the most of valuable meeting, Is Social Media changing the Face of Recruitment?, How a company should help its employees to develop their minds, There are no passive candidates nor hard to fill positions, How can you maximize the benefits of having hiring manager’s involved in the recruitment process without losing business productivity?, Recruitment War Stories, Digital presence to support recruitment, Benefits of personal assessment, Social Media Employer Branding, Recruiting motivation (instead of a skill-focused profile), Video interview in the recruitment process, Transformational Talent.

What’s next?

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